Quis Custodiet is a multi-year community exploration of security. The mission of Quis is to encourage engagement with the issues of citizenship that are embedded in questions about local, community, and national security. The title for the piece was inspired by a saying attributed to the philosopher Piccarus in the sixth century BC, Quis Custodiet Ispus Custodet – “Who Shall Watch the Watchers Themselves?”

Quis Custodiet is interested in how we – as individuals and communities – define and pursue security. Choreographer Robert Bettmann states, “Especially since 9/11, and the financial crisis, I have been grappling with issues of national and personal security, and I know I’m not alone. What can we do to be safe, as individuals and communities, and how does that impact security outside our communities?”

The company began the Quis project with the support of fifty Kickstarter contributors. Bettmann Dances first evening length performance – All Good Men – premiered in 2009 at the Capital Fringe Festival. A dance theater adaptation of a Dylan Thomas film-script, All Good Men was hailed in The Examiner as “an example of artistic craftsmanship.”

For Quis Custodiet, the company is teamed with an accomplished group of collaborators, including renowned glass and video artist Tim Tate (video/set design) and artist Johanna Mueller (image design).

Quis Premiere: Saturday January 14th, 2011, 7:00 pm
Woolly Mammoth Theater
641 D St. NW

Honorary Hosts
The Honorable Kwame Brown
Mr. Thomas Drake

Host Committee
Kathy Jankowski, Catalogue for Philanthropy
Tony Gittens, DC Film Festival
Julia Judson Rae, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Terrence Doyle, Delex Systems
Sheila Hansen, Coldwell Banker
Margarita Noriega, The Harbour Group

T-Shirts with the original Quis image by artist Johanna Mueller are available for purchase at the theater.