Selected Readings

Evaluating Security Threats

Lost U.S. Opportunities After 9/11 – An Interview with Richard Haas – Council on Foreign Relations

Ten Years After 9/11: Thinking Smarter About Homeland Security – Heritage Foundation

Terror Intelligence Lacking 10 Years After 9/11, Chairmen Say – Bloomberg

Almost 10 Years After 9/11, U.N. Still Grappling to Define Terrorism – CNS News 

Political climate

Ten Years After 9/11: The world Remade – Intelligence Squared

The Untamed Prince – The Atlantic


Reflecting Absence: Exploring the 9/11 Memorial – Huffington Post

9/11 Anniversary Coming Up: Cue the Tearjerkers, Media Demands – Village Voice

Preparing for 9-11: Peaceful Tomorrows Day (9-11) and Interdependence Day (9-12) – James Richard Bennett


Full Body Scanners: Exposing issues of privacy, and body image – Washington Post

Menendez sends letter to DoJ requesting investigation into News Corp’s hacking of 9/11 victims – ThinkProgress

9/11 Victims’ Children: 10 Years After the Tragedy – Huffington Post

Information Security

Monitoring America – Washington Post

Classified Pentagon Report Upheld – Washington Post

Former NSA Executive Paying Price – Washington Post

Sousveillance – The New York Times

Medicine and Health

In the Years Following Sept 11, More Illness, Doctors Visits Reported – Medical News Today

Get Right with History – Chronicle of Higher Education

Airports and Travel:

Airport Security Not Good Enough, Thousands Of Breaches Since 9/11 – Huffington Post

Ten Years After 9/11 and Americans Remain Suspicious – New Era News

10 years after 9/11, Improvements and Blind Spots – Washington Post

Ten years after 9/11, airport security still not getting it – Salon

Ten Years After 9/11, Widespread Concerns About Terrorist Attacks on Airports, Mass Transit and Public Gatherings Persist – Frost Magazine