About Tim Tate

Ken Trapp, the former Curator-in-Charge of the Smithsonian American Art Museum said this of Tim’s work, “by taking on the clichés of our culture, Tate lays down a challenge for himself, a challenge he is up to…it is impossible to see such figures and not be reminded of how much the discovery of self is a daily exercise of uncovering layers we have assumed or imposed on ourselves.”

On his website, Tim says, “Blending a traditional craft with new media technology gives me the framework in which I fit my artistic narrative. Revelation — and in some cases self-revelation   — is the underlying theme of my electronic reliquaries.”

Tim is the founder of the Washington Glass School, and more recently – with the electronic reliquaries, has integrated video into glass sculpture. As he put it, the video reliquaries are self-contained video installations.

Robert Bettmann can remember his amazement when he first saw Tate’s work, captivated by its brilliance. Rob says, “I’m thrilled that he’s letting us use some of the videos he’s made for his reliquaries, and additional videos, for the video projections of the dance piece.”

Check out more of Tim’s work on his website here.