Johanna Mueller

May 10th, 2011

As it says on her website, “The prints of Johanna Mueller are imbued with personal mythology as she draws from her own narrative, cultural and historical references, pattern and design, and ancient myth and legend.” The animals that are featured in her prints then, “are elevated from beast to mythic status as they take on human emotions and become metaphoric portraits of the artist and others.”

A native of Denver, Colorado and a long time resident of Washington DC, Johanna can now be found travelling across the country with her anthropomorphic prints. Although she can no longer be tied down to one place she has not abandoned her roots, spreading the art of printmaking and her own personal history through the anthropomorphic prints that travel with her.

An artist who so clearly communicates her self through her prints, Johanna will be designing a print that will become the image of Quis Custodiet, itself a deeply personal work of art. Although Robert Bettmann intuitively felt a connection to Johanna Mueller’s prints during the earliest stages of his choreography, this connection has become solidified through Johanna’s creation of an iconic image for his dance. Indeed, considering that Quis Custodiet is a dance that speaks to issues of both national and personal security and Johanna is an artist so able to infuse personal and cultural history into her prints, this connection seems perfect.

Check out her work on her website.

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