What Tyranny is This? by Andrew Sullivan in The Atlantic

October 4th, 2010

Andrew Sullivan wrote in his blog for The Atlantic about a recent speech by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, and some of the issues raised by it. He wrote,

“[H]er speech yesterday about the importance and value of American power to direct the planet reveals her comfort with the vast, unwieldy, unaccountable, incredibly expensive apparatus that now pledges to protect us from all evil and solve every global problem – but gives us no way to know how or where or when if it invokes secrecy with this kind of glib facility.”

The piece goes on to argue that,

“If we are to recover as a nation under law… It will require a citizenry so enraged and protective of its core liberties against this security Leviathan that it compels dismantling this machinery and exposing it to the light of day – not recklessly, not abruptly, but by close examination, judicial review, press inquiry, protest. There are legitimate trade-offs between national security and liberty. But the protection of war criminals where no secrets are at stake except the scandal of torture itself is not one of them…. Have I been radicalized by this? You betcha. Because this is so plainly not a nation under the rule of law anymore. And there are very few political issues more important than that.”

Click here to read the entire article.

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